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Jeff Cooper: Is an October Surprise in the Wings?


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Things happen fast when time is up and cycles warrant caution here.

The SPX was rejected from an important level yesterday — 2192.

2192 is square March 6 and straight across and opposite 666.

These were the price and time of the '09 low.

Of course there have been many times when the SPX squared out or balanced out 666 and March 6 in the years since the low, BUT we are now 7 ½ years from low with 7 being the number of time according to W.D. Gann.

The other day we used a NAZ chart showing the 7 month period from July 2015 to the February low.

September is 7 months from the Feb low of the year.

Additionally, we are 7 weeks from the Brexit Low.

There are several stocks showing patterns characteristic of distribution yesterday when continuation from Monday's breakout was on the table.

That is not to say these usual suspects like AAPL and IBM and FB could not turn right back up and regain yesterday's losses by the weekend as they have done so many times before.

Strongly trending names like ALB and LCI hooked or pivoted up from pullback buy setups but reversed suggesting a failed pivot.

The October 2007 peak was 7 ½ years from the March 2000 bull top.

The May 2015 high was 7 ½ years from the October 2007 top.

This October is 7 ½ years from the March '09 low.

180 degrees in months from the 9/11 attack is this September. 180 months was an important time period for Gann who believed that time turns trend.

The bears would like to see a close below 2174, the top of the July flat — especially on the important Friday weekly closing basis.


2174 represents 360 degrees up in price from the 1992 Brexit Low.

A close below that level suggests a little failed breakout attempt and little sell signals can lead to big sell signals.

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