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The Power Of the Square Of 9 Wheel


The Square of 9 Wheel is a time and price calculator that can identify tops and bottoms.

One would think it may not work well on IPO’s because of a lack of data, but actually lack of data exemplifies turning points.

Let’s take a look a two hot IPO’s this week.

TWLO went public on 6/23/16 setting a low of 29.61.

It set a high at 70.96 on 9/28/16 roughly 90 days/degrees later.

The high was precisely 540 degrees up from low—a true square, a cube.


A 3 dimensional square or cube is 6 sides of 90 degrees giving 540 degrees.



Over a week ago we flagged that ACIA was vulnerable to 88.

88 is 360 degrees down from the 128.73 high.

540 degrees down from high ties to  70.



There are many ways to use the geometry of the Square of 9.

In addition to the proportionality of price, often time points to price and price points to time.

For example, the 128.73 high aligned with early September when ACIA topped.

W.D. Gann stated that all major highs and lows vibrated and balanced out geometrically with prior major highs and lows.

The key to this concept is that while all major highs and lows are square-outs, not all square-outs are major highs or lows.

Applying pattern and using volume clues will help to determine if a genuine square-out is on the table.

This was the case in both TWLO and ACIA.