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How my family went bankrupt and then made millions (True Story)


In the late 1950’s my father could have been the poster child for the “American Dream.”

He was 42 years old, had sold his textile business for millions, and was retired, living the good life with his wife and two kids in Beverly Hills.

In order to keep himself busy, he invested in the stock market.

Brokers would call my father two, three, four times a day with their “investment” ideas.

The ideas made sense to my father and he went along with the strategy. In May 1962, my father went bankrupt.

The brokers who told my father that “stocks always go up,” were now liquidating his portfolio to meet margin calls. My family’s net worth was not only wiped out, but we owed the brokerage houses money.

This was my first experience with the buy and hold strategy that has once again become so popular on Wall Street.

My dad was a tough S.O.B, within a few years he had earned all the money back he lost in 1962. He had his revenge and retired with many more millions that he started with.

This is where I come in.

By the early 1980’s, after a brief stint at Drexel Burnham, I went off on my own and attempted to replicate my father’s success.

Unfortunately for me, the rules had now changed, but I persisted and became a “player” in a roaring bull market.

I was making great money until October 1987, when the buy-and-hold curse hit another member of the Cooper family.

Fortunately I did not go bankrupt, but I did get hurt and I learned a bitter lesson.

Just as my father had twenty years earlier, I set out on a quest to create a new methodology to beat the stock market.

I can confidently say that my quest has been successful. I make my living trading stocks. If and when we go into a bear market, I know there will be no effect on my earnings.

My ideas were so well respected that James J. Cramer was a client while he was actively managing his hedge fund. (Yes from CNBC-Mad Money).

He did me the honor of writing the foreword to my first book, Hit and Run Trading.

Today I would like show you how I trade for a living.

My goal is to teach you a handful of short-term, low risk setups and patterns.

The patterns will allow you to avoid the disasters associated with buy-and-hold, and will give you a set of tools, to profit from the stock market for the rest of your life.


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Have a great day

Jeff Cooper

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