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OKTA’s Home Run Setup


Checking a daily OKTA for the last two months prior to Wednesday’s Earnings Explosion’ showed a lot of sideways chop.

However if you pull back the lens to the weeklies you see what I call a big picture Sherlock’s Pipe bullish setup.

OKTA rolled over from its late 2021 top carving out a bowl off the bottom into January 2023.

It’s been coiled for a year building a potential Rule of 4 Breakout…a breakout over triple tops.

In the Sherlock’s Pipe setup (which works on dailies too), once the stock comes out of the ‘bowl’, it smokes the shorts who think it was dead in the water.

From the November 2023 low at 65, a 360 degree move up is 101.

Notably 65 squares out with early November.

So the minimum projection was 101 on an earnings beat.

OKTA exploded above 101 after reporting to 111 pre-open today.

111 is 90 degrees up from 101.

Clearing 111 opens the door to a full cube-out at 121.

What’s the Square of 9 Time/Price Calculator worth?

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