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Reddit: How To Hit Home Runs Trading Hot IPO’s With the Square Of 9 Wheel


RDDT IPO’d on March 21st.

The low print on day 1 was 45.

On my Square of 9 Wheel:

  • 90 degrees up is 52
  • 180 degrees up is 60
  • 270 degrees up is 68

A full 360 degree rev up is 76.

Tuesday before the open I posted the follow tweet on the Hit & Run Private Twitter Feed.

RDDT closed Monday at 59.73.

A Gap & Go on Tuesday saw it rocket to 75 just shy of the 76 square-out projection.

RDDT got hit from the Opening Spike High pulling back to 63.31, between the 60 and 68 “squares”.

The Square of 9 has proven to my complete satisfaction that markets are ordered and not random.

If you like the volatility of hot IPO’s, the Square of 9 Wheel is paydirt.

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