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Where Is the Door to Hell?


Legendary market master W.D. Gann wrote that every major top and bottom is related in Time and Price.

My Time/Price Calculator below shows how these time and price harmonics “vibrate” and relate.

a basketball on a blue background

If March 28, 2024 was a major top it should relate to the last major low.

It does.

350 (3500) squares out with March 28.


This upcoming OpEx, May 17th is set to be the largest in history.

Interestingly the March 28, 2024 all-time high of 526 (5264) is on the same vector as 481 (4810), which is the January , 2022 peak.

They “point to” May 17th.


So the major 2022 peak prior a slow-motion car crash “points to” the March 28th high, points to May 17th.

Is it possible that in keeping with the Principle Of Alternation that if a downdraft plays out in coming weeks that it will not be a slow-motion affair but a flash crash ala 2020?

chart, line chart

Breakage below 4800 opens the door to a trend line from the March 2020 low at the 4400 region.

Below 4400 it’s all air.

This is the Cascade setup I see on the table.

Just below 4800 is 4700 and the 200 day moving average.

Breakage below the 200 day moving average will see accelerated momentum to 4400.

Below 4400 the door to hell is open.

Since the October 2022 low, no prior low has been violated.

A drop below the April 19, 2024 low is the SOB, Sign Of the Bear.
It will violate a prior low.

Because the advance into March 2024 has potentially culminated 5 waves up from the 2020 low and 4 waves up from the 2009 low and potentially the 1932 low, the presumption is an unwind for the ages may be on the table.

In sum, May 17th is the 232nd anniversary of the Buttonwood Agreement, the founding of the NYSE in 1792.

On my Square of 9 Wheel, the number 232 “points to”/squares out with March 28th.

March 28th may be looked back on in time as a historic high.

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