An Idea-Driven Community for Traders and Investors with $100,000+ Accounts

Do you need real-time idea flow from battle-hardened pros that can help you win today?

Then Inner Circle may be for you.

I formed this community based on a simple idea: that if you put a small group of elite traders together in one place, great things happen.

We use macro analysis, technicals, fundamentals, and dealmaking experience to deliver you maximum-probability stock and options ideas every day.

Our members include hedge fund managers, family office heads, corporate executives, financial advisors, and even professional poker players.

So if you want to step up to a new level of results and confidence, I hope you'll consider joining us.

-David Prince
Founder of Inner Circle

I have been a trader for over 30 years, and I  have never experienced working with  a valuable platform like the Inner Circle. Not only has Inner Circle taught me how to focus on where the action is, but it has also helped me to learn patience (when to press and when not to), manage risk, and gain a rich understanding of the trader's psyche.

Back in March 2020, at the darkest moment of the COVID Crash, David gave me and others what turned out to be the best trade of my career: a timely entry in washed out SOXL.

I also remember David talking about NVDA back in 2014, way before anybody else. Rick has always helped me to hedge and manage risk. And Kira has timely trades on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

   -Enrique from New York

Are You Ready for Inner Circle?

Inner Circle is focused on idea generation for real traders and investors that don’t need handholding.

Only apply if you have a $100,000+ account and 2 years of trading experience.

Our community is fun and friendly.

But we move fast and you should be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they are presented. 

David has been a huge part of my transition to becoming a full-time trader/investor. Not only was I able to take full advantage of the wild markets of 2020 and early 2021, but more importantly, with his guidance I feel I can professionally manage my account through whatever the market throws at me going forward.

My family and I recently bought our dream house in Los Angeles with an ocean view, tennis court, pool, and more rooms than we know what to do with. I can say without hesitation this would not have been possible without Inner Circle.

     -Jesse from New York

Get Daily Ideas Based on a Trifecta of Factors

How has the team come up with so many winning ideas in 2024?

Simple: it all starts with understanding the reality on the ground, and accepting it.

If you’ve been struggling, odds are you’ve been making mistakes like:

  • Only going long
  • Chasing stocks after they bounce, only to see them collapse
  • Getting short after big downturns, right before vicious countertrend rallies

But David and the team have scored win after win by embracing the bear market, which means doing things like:

  • Buying ugly stocks after they freefall into the pit
  • Selling those same names into sharp rallies
  • Shorting broken growth stocks when they get overbought
  • Analyzing mainstream financial media and social media to understand crowd psychology
  • Refusing to average down or act like a hero
  • Focusing on boring stocks when they have the highest return potential
  • Making short-term options trades into Friday expiration to magnify potential returns

Once we understand the environment, the other two factors come into play: technicals and fundamentals.

We find names where the technicals and/or fundamentals give us an edge the masses don’t see.

That’s allowed Inner Circle to score wins in names ranging from Super Micro (SMC) to Nvidia (NVDA) to Immunome (IMNM) to Eli Lilly (LLY) to Palo Alto Networks (PANW) and more!

And then there are the special situations, where David Prince’s dealmaking experience comes into play.

The end result: you get the top 0.1% of ideas, with zero fluff, noise, or nonsense.

My favorite thing about Inner Circle is the specificity of the trade ideas. The context on the market provided by moderators is very helpful, and gives more confidence to the trades. I was surprised by the straightforward nature of the interactions and explanations.

     -Daren from New York

Limited Membership Keeps the Focus on You

Inner Circle is priced at $6,000 per year or $700 per month.

This is because we serve elite traders and not the masses.

Limited membership lets the team get to know you on a personal level.

David reviews every application because:

1. He wants to make sure you are a good fit for the community
2. He wants to understand your specific needs

This way, you can become a more confident trader and investor, and ideally, make multiples of what you invest in the community.

In addition to trading my personal account, I manage the investment account for a foundation which grants to nonprofits in Santa Barbara, primarily in social service, health, and safety net areas. The investment performance has been greatly enhanced by the collective wisdom and guidance from David and Inner Circle. We granted just over $10,000,000 this year to about 90 nonprofits – so you have indirectly greatly helped a large number of people less fortunate than we.

     -Charles from California

Reach Experts That Want You to Win Big Every Day

The Inner Circle team has 60+ years of collective trading experience, and each leader brings their own specialties to the table.

David has deep expertise in money management, fundamental investing, dealmaking, and trading psychology. Rick and Kira are talented technicians with an advanced grasp of multiple asset classes.

And they work hard to make sure you have ideas you can put to work every day in a fun, interactive environment.

Again, we stress the limited nature of Inner Circle. You will not be competing with thousands of people to get your voice heard by our leaders.

Speaking of which… let’s get to know them:


David Prince has been a financial industry professional since 1997, working as a professional trader, money manager, and venture capital investor. 

David has helped originate private financing for major companies including Jamba Juice, ExamWorks, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Montrose, and Vroom.

Presently, he splits his time between venture capital investing and managing a US equity and options fund. David resides in Wellington, Florida, and actively supports Place of Hope, a youth-focused non-profit.


Rick March is a professional equities and options trader based in Chicago. After graduating from Syracuse University, Rick joined Drexel Burnham as a forex trader. He later joined the CME as an independent trader and floor broker, transacting orders for the largest firms on the street like Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust, and Bear Stearns. Rick comes from a long line of traders. His father Jerry was a CME floor trader, and his grandfather Charles was head of technical analysis for Mesirow and Company in Chicago. Rick established “The Jerry and Charles March Memorial Award” in their honor at Syracuse University.

Kira Turner

Kira is a full-time professional stock and options trader based in Austin, Texas.

 She traded at Cornerstone Securities from 1994-2001, and reentered the pro trading arena in 2018 after managing a large Real Estate investment portfolio.

Beginning as a scalper, Kira now integrates both day and swing trading into her style, and trades both equities and options.

Kira graduated from Texas Tech University in 1990, where she competed as a member of the rodeo team. She also has extensive skydiving experience.

David, Rick, & Kira complement each other via different sets of trading skills. I love the teamwork and communication without noise in the room. The professionalism throughout the group is impressive.

     -David from California

Before joining the Inner Circle at T3 Live wwo months ago, my trading success was marginal at best. I attributed my underperformance to a lack of time and attention, so in January, after 40 years working in the automobile industry, I retired and made trading my “full-time” career.

I since joined three different trading groups with little to no success. My performance progressively grew more inconsistent, and I was losing confidence.

Shortly thereafter, I was invited to join the Inner Circle.

My first week with the group was unremarkable. In fact, my account was down 5%. David gave me insights to get me back on track and tips to help restore my confidence. In a few short weeks, my first week’s 5% loss turned into a significant gain.

     -Larry from New Jersey

Experience the Ultimate Network Effect

Many Inner Circle members work in finance as traders, hedge fund managers, family office heads, etc.

But our community is more diverse than you think.

You’ll interact with management consultants, engineers, tech industry executives, infrastructure contractors, medical doctors, and even professional poker players.

As just one recent example, a member in the construction industry was able to share unique insights into steel demand. 

I was surprised at how the members share their ideas and knowledge and offer to help others without any expectation to get something in return.

     -Candice from New York

Get Priceless Information Delivered When You Need It, in Real-Time

Do not settle for amateur rooms on generic social media platforms which fail at the ultimate test: speed

Inner Circle runs on our proprietary Virtual Trading Floor® technology which was designed for traders, not video-game streamers or newscasters.

That means real-time audio and chat with no delays.

Because in this environment, seconds matter.

When our team has a new idea, you get it instantly -- whether you’re on a desktop computer, laptop, or Apple/Android mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need to Apply? Why Can't I Just Pay Now?

Not all traders are right for Inner Circle. All new members must be approved before payment.

Why Can’t Beginners Join Inner Circle?

The idea and information flow is not suited for newcomers who need handholding.

Why Is the Room $6,000 Per Year?

This room is for only a small group of elite traders that view the room as an investment in their own potential results.

What Kind of Instruments Do the Leaders Focus On?

The Inner Circle Team is focused on equities and options trading, and to a lesser extent, futures. The range of stocks is enormous, ranging from mega-caps like Amazon (AMZN) to mid-caps like DraftKings (DKNG) to all sorts of special situations. Our #1 goal is to go where the money is, so our focus changes nonstop.

What Time Frames Are Used?

About 70% of ideas are swing trades, and the remaining are day trades. The exact mix in any given time frame is dependent upon market conditions and individual opportunities. During volatile periods, expect holding times to shrink to take advantage of the fast movement.

Does the Team Give Short Ideas?

Yes. Inner Circle leaders regularly share ideas for shorting stocks and getting long put options to speculate on price declines. When the market is downtrending, the team leans heavily on short ideas to provide maximum return potential. Shorting is critical if you want to succeed in 2022.

More Feedback from Our Community

I made my years subscription fee my first week on a trade in Tesla that David called out. The moderators are light-hearted and humorous, but all business about helping you make money. I am fortunate to have access to a pro like DP.

   -Jerry from California

Today we closed on our construction loan and are building our mountain house that we dreamed up several years ago. You guys and gals have certainly played a part in making it happen and for that I’m forever grateful. What started as a $300-400K dream turned into a $1 million dollar dream home. So much love from my fam to you all!

     -Aaron from North Carolina

It’s been a great year. I wanted to let you know that you are making our 34th wedding anniversary special. We are staying and eating at places that we would have never experienced before you. My wife also has a new vehicle thanks to Inner Circle. I cannot express enough gratitude or thanks for what you have done.

     -Brad from California

I made the 1-year member fee back in just like 2 or 3 days. I would love to stick with Inner Circle for the rest of my trading life.

     -Cecil from California

I have learned about the importance of sizing, when to take a loss, and when to bet big. I doubt there is a better trading group in the U.S.

     -Ted from Massachusetts

I came to Inner Circle hoping to learn and understand a new approach to trading. What I found was a trading group that is knowledgeable, insightful, and concerned with each and every person on the platform. I learned a whole new way (the correct way) to trade and prosper. Thank you.

     -Michael from New York

Ever since I joined Inner Circle, I wake up every day with confidence that I can be a very profitable trader. David is an excellent mentor who is great to work with and has unmatched work ethic.

His constant drive to do better and improve is what makes everyone around him better. 

I moved to the US in 2010 and never thought I would be able to attain
financial freedom this early in my career. I have been able to take amazing vacations with my family and have increased my charity work.

     -Naveed from New York

Read Before Applying

The Inner Circle room is for experienced traders and investors, and you must be approved by David Prince. It is not appropriate for beginners. You must be ready to take action without extensive handholding, 

Most members have accounts far in excess of our $100,000 requirement. 

If you are ready to take your first step towards a new tomorrow, hit the button to get started:

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