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Is Scott buying Nvidia? Shorting Tesla? You'll see in real-time with his time-stamped positions.

And yes, this is his real money account:

*Scott  positions as of 7/3/2023 at 10:23 a.m. ET

Run By Actual Professional Traders

Scott Redler has been a professional trader since 1999. And Daniel Darrow has been a pro since 2006.

They risk real capital in the markets every day. Between their 40+ years of combined experience, they’ve seen it all. This ain’t their first rodeo.

And Scott has been featured by Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, Reuters, Investor's Business Daily (IBD), and countless other publications. 

Here's Scott's recent interview with IBD:

An Obsession With Overdelivering

We are obsessed with helping you make the most out of every trading day.

And this game is a lot more fun when we make money together.

So we give 110% in giving you the info you need to make the right decisions every day.

The #1 Surprise People Get When They Join...

Scott and Dan launched the Alpha Team VTF® to give serious traders a results-driven but friendly trading community.

Lone wolves don’t survive. But join a pack, and your odds of thriving suddenly skyrocket.

And after you jump, you'll experience a big surprise: just how smart your peers are!

Scott and Dan guide the room.

But Alpha Team members include experts in biotechnology, macroeconomics, futures trading, and quantitative analysis.

This "hive mind" structure helps us get smarter together as we all share ideas and information.

Real-Time Information When You Need It (NOW)

Do not settle for Zoom calls pretending to be real trading rooms. Every second counts, so don't rely on generic consumer tools with built-in delays.

Our proprietary Virtual Trading Floor© technology updates instantly -- which is what active traders deserve in 2023 and beyond.

You even get to see Scott's buys and sells as they happen so you know exactly what he's doing.

And with our audio and chat feeds, you know the "why" behind the "what."

Plus, the VTF® runs silky smooth on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, so you won’t be chained down to your desk.

You can tap into our information flow whether you're at your desk, at a coffee shop, or in an airplane seat.

What You Can Expect Every Day

Alpha Team is officially active between 8:45 a.m. and 4:00 p..m. ET, with breaks for lunch.

You get up-to-the-minute analysis of what’s happening in the market and individual stocks.

However, the team puts in extra hours as needed, particularly during volatile periods in the market and during earnings season.

For example, when a name like Apple (AAPL) reports earnings, the team stays on the mic to talk you through the action.

For Real Traders Only

Alpha Team is for active traders and investors that follow the market very closely each day.

Members hail from all across the world -- everywhere from New York to California to Spain to Singapore to Hong Kong -- and countless places in between.

And they include professional traders, financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and enthusiast individual investors.

However, Alpha Team is not for everyone.

Only consider joining if you have at least a year of trading experience, and you are very serious about excelling in the markets.

Now let's see what Alpha Team members say about this dynamic community: 

"My favorite thing about the room is the exchange of ideas, the lack of BS, and the explanation of why things are being bought and sold."

   -Petros from New York

My favorite thing about the room is the exchange of ideas, the lack of BS, and the explanation of why things are being bought and sold. I would recommend the room to anyone who wants to make trading a profitable enterprise.
     -Petros from New York

The connection I feel in the room is awesome - something you would not expect.

     -James from California

Love what both Dan and Scott have to offer. I hope this service is open forever.

     -Ali from Tanzania

I appreciate how open Scott and Dan are. I like hearing about the wins and the losses. I’m surprised at how much I’ve learned.

     -Dan from North Carolina

This is the only room I've ever been in that taught me something, only one that I truly enjoyed and, yes, helped me trade better.

     -Brian from Texas

Within days of joining and following Scott on some trades, I more than paid for a year's subscription.


This is the only room I've ever been in that taught me something, only one that I truly enjoyed and, yes, helped me trade better.

     -Brian from Texas

Dan is super helpful and answers all questions patiently and thoroughly. Love that guy!


The idea generating capabilities of your supportive trader community is incredible. In the past I focused on too few names which limited my opportunities, but not anymore. I look forward to growing with your community for years to come!


Trading in a vacuum is dangerous and other people who are consistent with their trades help bring conviction to the plays you like to join together. You feel pain together and joy together. It helps a lot.
     -John from California

Testimonials Disclosure: the customer feedback provided is reported by our customers and is not verified. Because it is difficult to track the success of all of our customers, we want to make clear to you, the potential customer, that you should not expect results similar to those described by our customers above. No consideration was paid for these testimonials. While we offer insights, guidance and training on trading the financial markets, we do not make any guarantees that you will make any money, or that you will make any of your investment in our services back. As with all investments in the financial markets, there is extreme risk, and you should evaluate your personal risk profile prior to making any investment.

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Scott Redler

Chief Strategic Officer

About Scott Redler

Scott Redler has been a professional trader since 1999.

After 8 years of successful trading, Scott co-founded T3 Companies, LLC in 2007 and began serving as Chief Strategic Officer of both T3 Live and T3 Trading Group.

As the financial crisis began, Scott became a recurring guest on CNBC, repeatedly warning investors of the danger ahead.

Today, Scott remains a professional trader, and regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and Fox Business.

His technical analysis work has been featured by numerous media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, MarketWatch, and Investor’s Business Daily, among many others.

Scott has trained traders all around the world, and has appeared in documentaries by the BBC and China’s CCTV-2.

Through the Redler Report and Alpha Team VTF©, Scott helps traders, money managers, and individual investors view the markets through his eyes and approach each day with a steady, measured approach.

Daniel Darrow

Options and Equity Trader

About Daniel Darrow

Dan Darrow is an options and equity trader who employs a “hybrid approach” and focuses heavily on stocks with major news catalysts.

He focuses on executing a short-term momentum trading strategy with equities, but employs more swing trading techniques with options. 

In particular, Dan looks to capitalize on volatile price swings that occur during earnings season. His sense of discipline and meticulous game planning separate him from other traders.

Dan has been a pro trader since graduating from Fordham University in 2006.

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