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T3’s Top 10: Our Most Popular Articles of 2017


What's popular with the thousands of traders that make up the T3 Live community?

You're about to find out with our top 10 articles for the year 2017, ranked by visits to our website.

You can get a look at a top trader's account statements showing $78K+ in profits from 4 weeks of trading, watch Scott Redler's best-ever webinar, and get the backstories on 7 of our most popular traders.

We'll start with number 10 and work our way down to number 1:

10) 10 Reasons to Read Scott Redler's 2018 Market Outlook Report

Get a sneak preview of Scott's big report!

9) 17 Killer Tips Every Momentum Trader Should Know

Learn why the most successful momentum traders are highly disciplined. They don't gamble.

8) 6 Tips for Picking the Right Stocks for Day Trading

You can spend years learning about moving averages, gaps, trendlines, and indicators.

But if you’re day trading the wrong stocks, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

7) 7 Interviews with 7 Top Traders

Get the backstories on 7 of our top trading professionals, and learn what makes them tick.

6) 9 Ways to Destroy Your Account with Options

Want to fail at options trading? This article will tell you how!

5) $78,059.89 in 4 Weeks of Trading Earnings

Sami Abusaad is no one hit wonder.

Watch this video and you’ll see Sami’s actual account statements that show $78,059.89 in net profits since October 16.

4) Scott Redler: 10 Trading Rules I'll Teach My Son

Let Scott break down 10 trading rules every new trader needs to understand.

3) Jeff Cooper: Is Gold About to Explode?

Find out why Jeff Cooper has been so bullish on gold.

2) Scott Redler Talks the Red Dog Reversal, H-Sell Setup, ROKU, and MORE!

In this special live training webinar hosted by TradeStation, T3 Live Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler breaks down his 2 favorite trading strategies: the Red Dog Reversal, and the H-Sell Setup.

1) 9 Tips for Picking the Right Stocks for Swing Trading

As a swing trader, one of the most important decisions you’ll every make is choosing which stocks to trade.

You can learn all the winning setups in the world, but if you trade the wrong stocks, you’re going to lose money.

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