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Why Tesla’s Friday High Is Key Right Now


Tesla (TSLA) crashed from 314 on September 21, 2022 to 102 on January 6, 2023.

My Square of 9 Wheel shows that 314 is 180 degrees straight across and opposite January 6th for a Time/Price Square-out.

As legendary stock operator WD Gann wrote, “When time and price square-out expect a change in trend.”

I explain it by saying Time points to Price, Price points to Time.

In a sense when they “balance out” they are one in the same.

From the 101.80 low on January 6, 2023, TSLA accelerated to 217 on February 16 where it began a pullback.

216 vectors/aligns with January 6, in keeping with W D Gann’s Law Of Vibration.

The closing high in mid-February was 214.

180 degrees down from 214 is 186. TSLA’s pullback bottomed at 186 on March 2.

On the Hit and Run Private Twitter Feed on Friday morning we pinged that if TSLA cleared the 195 strike it would rally to 199/200.

Friday’s high was 200.48 before tailing off to close at 197.79.

200 was a well-defined Opex Pinball target for TSLA but at the same time it represented a backtest of its overhead 20 day moving average and Phil D. Gap from March 2.

As well, 199 is a “natural” pivot for TSLA as it is 720 degrees or two full squares of 360 degrees up from the 102 low.

A Breakaway Gap above its 20 day moving average started TSLA’s 100% plus runup; consequently, Thursday’s Breakaway Gap below its 20 day moving average must be closely watched.

Trade above Friday’s will put TSLA in the Minus One (the 3 Day Chart is pointing down)/ Plus Two (two consecutive higher daily highs with the 3 Day Chart pointing down) sell position.

The Square of 9 Time & Price Calculator is the only tool that integrates time and price.

It works because price does not progress in a linear fashion but rather in a spiral.

Likewise, Gann wrote that “The future is but a repetition of the past as the Bible plainly states…”

By studying geometry and history, Gann found that market events and specific numbers repeated across time cycles.

Is The Square of 9 infallible? No, nothing in the market is. The market can do anything.

But, The Wheel is conceptually correct and the best forecasting and trend following tool on the planet.

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