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NEW: Options In Plain English



What if you could learn Options In Plain English?

Without all these crazy equations:

You can… which is why options pro Dan Darrow created an all-new LIVE training program called…

Options In Plain English

Yes, we really called it that.

It teaches you how options trading works… in Plain English… so you can understand it.

Zero fluff.

Zero complicated math.

100% focus on what makes options move, from a pro who's been slinging options with real money for 18+ years.

He hasn't been buried in textbooks.

He's been trading real money.

That means he can:

  • Help you avoid big mistakes that cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars per trade
  • Let you see when an idea is worth taking
  • Show you how to use the right strategy at the right time in the right name

This Is NOT for Everyone

We do not recommend Options In Plain English to advanced options traders.

But you will love this program if:

  • You are new to options and want to build the right foundation
  • You have some experience but want to be more profitable
  • You want consistency in your profits instead of riding an emotional rollercoaster*

*Many people start with options wanting to swing for the fences over and over again. If this is your mentality, you will end up broke, angry, and regretful.

Dan will teach you to take smart risks so you can win in the long run.

We want you winning for YEARS — not blowing your whole account in the next 5 days.

How About Pricing?

We're spicing things up since this is a new launch.

You have two packages to choose from.

One is awesome.

And one is more than awesome.

BUT… they are both the same price.

We explain here.


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