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Scott Redler Shares His Next Favorite Pick on Fox Business


Scott went on Fox Business last week to share his thoughts on where there’s opportunity in this market. 

In January, Scott was on Fox Business explaining why Nvidia (NVDA) and Eli Lilly (LLY) were set to soar — as Liz Claman explains in the clip below (scroll down to watch).

Nvidia’s up 161% since… 

Eli Lilly’s rocketed 52% YTD so far.

He shares why the market could be rolling over starting July 1st. 

Your big names could slow down. 

Those that were bringing up the rear, could take the spotlight as the 3Q begins. 

With that rotation, Scott believes one famous tech name is set to take the lead over the Nvidia’s and Apple’s (AAPL) of the world. 

With Nvidia pulling back… Scott shares his approach on the semis, including:

  • Why he called the semis overheated on June 20
  • Why laggards could start moving starting July 1st
  • The #1 tech name for 3Q that Scott loves (note: it's already taken off since this clip aired so be careful!)

Check out the clip below:


Scott was also on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show recently too. 

For many traders, the market feels very ‘narrow’ right now. You have the S&P and Nasdaq making new highs… but sectors like energy are still sputtering. It feels like the opportunities are few.

In this clip Scott goes over:

  • How long this bull market may have left
  • Scott’s call on a big tech name that’s doing well
  • Scott’s ‘rebalancing’ trade for cashflow
  • The unique options play that feels “out of nowhere”

Want to see Scott’s trades BEFORE he shares them on TV?

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